Tarot Horoscope for 22nd to 28th April 2019




Card: The Emperor

The week ahead brings in a feeling of security and confidence for the Ariens. You receive strength and inspiration from a figure of authority. It could be your boss, father figure, mentor or even your spiritual teacher or Guru. No matter what kind of problems you face, you would always find someone or the other to help or protect you from harm. You may bring about discipline, structure or order in the areas of your life that need it the most. It could be with your professional life, health, habits or routine. Your finances and relationships look stable this week


Card: 6 of Wands

The week ahead is a wonderful one. Any obstacles in your path would get cleared. You achieve success at work and are able to achieve all your targets well within the deadlines. You may also receive a promotion or a formal appreciation from your workplace. If you are looking for a job or a business opportunity you would get it with ease. Those in a relationship would feel closer than ever to their partners. If you are single you would attract someone wonderful very soon. Your financial situation seems very positive and is likely to increase in the times to come. Your overall mood and spirits would be high and you would be in a very positive frame of mind. Make the most of the wonderful energies in the week ahead!


Card: Page of Swords

During the week ahead you need to be patient with yourself and others as there may be a tendency of you to be overtly critical or defensive. This is the right time to chase the goals you thought were impossible to achieve earlier. There is a lot of learning that would happen this week and it is not necessary that it happens in a training or class room format. You may receive some news that may lead to disappointment. Those facing legal issues or court cases would achieve a breakthrough or receive a judgment in your favour. Those in a relationship would establish a wonderful mental connection and have deep conversations with their significant other.


Card: The Lovers

The Cancerians have a wonderful week ahead! If you are pitching for a client or giving an interview for a job you are likely to receive some good news this week. Your personal life takes off this week and things look better than ever! You feel more connected with your partner and the missing or weakening spark gets rekindled. If you are single you would come across several potential mates in the near future. If you are going through a medical treatment, diet or an exercise regime you would benefit from another alternative. Your finances look stable this week.


Card: 4 of Wands

Travel is on the cards this week and it brings in success, especially if it is for work. You may also go on a long awaited vacation or holiday. Things on the personal front seem to be going very well. You may spend some fun and quality time with your loved ones and family. Celebrations and get-togethers are also indicated. You may receive the news of a wedding, engagement or a commitment. If you are in a relationship with someone, you may take it to the next level. At work, you reap the rewards of your hard work but there is still a lot yet to be achieved. 


Card: 9 of Cups

Something that you had wished for would materialize really soon. If things have been delayed or stalled in terms of your work or finances, it would start gaining momentum this week. This is an excellent time to give an interview or pitch for a proposal or business deal as it would work out in your favour. The week ahead is very lucky for the singles as you might just come across the right life partner. Do ensure that you are out there socializing and meeting new people. Your financial situation is about to change for the better and in ways you had least expected. Overall, this is a wonderful week ahead with much to look forward to. 


Card: The Hierophant

Success comes in by following the rules and systems. Stick to tried and tested methods. Do not experiment or attempt to take any risks as it would backfire. The same advice goes for your finances and investments. Do not take any unnecessary gambles this week. During the week ahead you may yet again focus on self-development and go through some kind of training or learning. Mentors, seniors and bosses would be very supportive provided you maintain a line and do not get too imposing or friendly. Giving any unnecessary advice or opinions may get you in trouble. Try alternative healing methods if your current medication isn’t helping.


Card: Page of Pentacles

You may take up the role of a student or apprentice this week. It is time to reinvent the wheel and do something different. However, you mustn’t break rules in an attempt to do so. You must pay special attention to your attire this week. Do ensure that you are impeccably dressed especially if you are going for an interview, an important deal or even a date! You may receive some good news about your work or finances. In relationships, you would experience a lot of joy and happiness. Instead of always being the generous giver, this time it is your turn to receive from your loved ones. 


Card: 5 of Swords 

You might be engaging in pointless battles this week. Challenges may arise due to miscommunication or misunderstandings. These issues could be sorted out very easily hence do not blow them out of proportion. There is point in killing a fly with a cannon ball. Over thinking and creating stories in your mind may lead to stress and anxiety. In your relationships, you need to be clear about your feelings and also allow the other person to express what is going on within them. At work, there may be an environment of negativity and gossip so please steer clear from it. 


Card: The High Priestess

During the week ahead you may go through a phase of confusion or ambiguity. It would be difficult to get a specific date, commitment or solution from people. Your intuitive awareness, yet again, would be very high so do make the most of it. If you are planning to start something new, keep it a secret for some time and go by your instincts instead of seeking advice from too many people. If you are in a relationship, give your partner the necessary space, especially if he or she isn’t in a great state of mind. Their unusual behavior has nothing to do with you. Finances look stable this week and, again, trust your instincts before making any important financial decisions. 


Card: Temperance

The week ahead brings an improvement in your overall physical health and wellbeing. You would be able to find the body – mind - spirit balance that you have been seeking in a long while. At work, you may play the role of a peacemaker and bring in more harmony and balance within your team members. Your finances look stable but you won’t be able to save much as money would flow out as fast as it flows in. Singles need to find more time to socialize and also make an effort to meet new people instead of waiting for someone to knock at your door. Overall, this is a very positive week that brings in joy, happiness and peace. 


Card: Knight of Cups

During the week ahead you may be more sensitive than usual with a tendency to be melodramatic. If you are in a relationship, there may be romantic dates with candle light dinners and the works. Emotionally, this is a wonderful time as you feel content with the way life is and are at peace with everything and everyone. However, you might be very dreamy and lack practicality, especially in your work. Do keep a watch on your finances as you may overdo the self-pampering or self-indulgence. If you have been experiencing creative or mental blocks, the week ahead brings in fresh inspiration that would allow you to move ahead with some good work.