Tarot Horoscope for 17th to 23rd June 2019




Card: King of Pentacles

The week ahead is excellent for financial matters. This is the right time to take important financial decisions and risks. However, do ensure that you seek the counsel of someone experienced and proficient for the same. At work, your seniors would be very encouraging and may mentor you for professional growth and success. On the domestic and family front, there would be stability and order. Surprises and expensive gifts would be a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship and surprise your partner. Your health looks good and would improve by letting go of or expressing suppressed emotions.


Card: 6 of Pentacles

The week ahead brings in the help and resources that you need to fulfil your dreams and it could be in the form of financial assistance, a helpful contact or even some good advice. Ask and be open to receiving as the Universe is listening to your prayers. If you don’t ask and aren’t willing to receive, nothing is going to change. If you have applied for a loan or a scholarship, it would get approved very soon. Your financial situation is about to change for the better and there would be many well-wishers who would contribute to your success and abundance. Your relationships would feel very fulfilling this week. 


Card: Knight of Swords

Things gain momentum for the Geminis and all the sluggishness that you have been experiencing since the last few weeks or months come to an end. You feel a lot stronger, driven and motivated than you have felt in a very long time. It seems like you are back in your true element and are ready to take on anything and everything that comes your way. It is time to put all the boardroom plans, blueprints and to-do lists into action and physicalize them from paper into reality. On the personal front, you regain the lost spark in your relationships. You may also get back into your fitness routine. 


Card: 10 of Wands

You need to slow down and take a break as you have been over working yourself in the last few days. You may experience physical and mental exhaustion and as a result not feel like doing anything. At work people may try to dump their responsibilities on you and hold you accountable for things not within your control or line of work. It is important for you to draw your boundaries and say NO when it gets too much. Do not schedule any important meetings or events this week as it would require a lot of strength and effort to achieve the desired results. Things won’t come very easily this week so take it easy and focus on yourself instead. 


Card: Page of Swords

During the week ahead you need to be patient with yourself and others as there may be a tendency of you to be overtly critical or defensive. This is the right time to chase the goals you thought were impossible to achieve earlier. There is a lot of learning that would happen this week and it is not necessary that it happens in a training or class room format. You may receive some news that may lead to disappointment. Those facing legal issues or court cases would achieve a breakthrough or receive a judgment in your favour. Those in a relationship would reconnect with their partner in a different and unusual way. 


Card: 6 of Cups 

The week ahead is a pleasant one and yet again involves catching up with old friends and loved ones. On the personal front, everything looks smooth. You may however be a bit clingy and may give and expect more affection and love than usual. At work, the week ahead seems good and the work environment is also healthy. You may reconnect with previous colleagues and bosses who would be instrumental in future gains and prospects. You may need to make some necessary payments and purchases this week which may leave a hole in your pocket. Old health issues may resurface. 


Card: 4 of Cups

The week ahead on the surface seems like a regular and uneventful one. However, there may be a feeling of emptiness within and perhaps a lack of motivation and drive towards life in general. If you are married or in a relationship, you may feel a sense of stagnation or a loss of spark in between the two of you. This, however, is temporary and with some mutual effort, you could turn things around. At work, important tasks and approvals may get delayed and everything would move at an annoyingly slow pace. The overall level of productivity also seems quite low this week. 


Card: Knight of Wands

The week ahead has a vibrant and charged energy about it. You would be at your peak in your energy level and drive and would also feel a lot fitter and stronger than usual. Travel is on the cards and it brings in success. If you are looking for opportunities to travel or work overseas, this is the right time to take action towards accomplishing it. While you are at the right place at the right time, opportunities for growth and expansion would show up suddenly. In your personal life, you would feel the spark rekindled with your partner. If you have recently got into a relationship, things would move a lot faster. 


Card: The Emperor 

You receive support from figures of authority this week. If you feel you deserve a raise or a promotion, this is the right time to ask for it. You would also get approvals you have been waiting for. Do not take any impulsive or emotional decisions. If you need to choose between your head or your heart then go with your head for this week. Having a practical and shrewd approach would be very helpful. Disciple would bring in a lot of improvement in your health. Your financial situation looks stable. 


Card: 3 of Swords

During the week ahead it is important that you express your emotions and feelings instead of holding them back. If there is something you want to share, express or confess, this is the right time to do so. At work, you need to watch out for people who don’t stick to their commitments and promises. If any task depends on someone else, it may get delayed or it may not happen to your satisfaction. Do not take any major financial decisions this week. Do not lend any money or invest it in anything that is risky or market linked. Those having heart related issues need to take extra care this week. 


Card: 7 of Swords

You must think before you speak this week as your words might get you into trouble. Do not be too eager to make promises or commitments as you may face challenges in fulfilling them. You may be a target of gossip or grapevine so lie low. Maintain a low profile and avoid getting into any kind of debates, arguments or controversies. If you are single, and haven’t been able to attract love, you must let go of your ‘wish list’ and allow the Universe to send you the person who is actually right for you.


Card: King of Cups

The week ahead brings in good luck with mentors and seniors. You would be very emotionally stable and content. You may also take to being a source of nurturing and inspiration to your loved ones. You may tap into your creative side this week and indulge in some creative pursuits or activities. This is a great week for those who are into art or music as your talents would be recognized and highly appreciated. If you are single, this is a good time to step out as you may come across someone really charming and romantic. Your work environment looks very positive and pleasant this week.