Tarot Horoscope for 18th to 24th February 2019




Card: Temperance

The week ahead brings an improvement in your overall physical health and wellbeing. You would be able to find the body – mind - spirit balance that you have been seeking in a long while. At work, you may play the role of a peacemaker and bring in more harmony and balance within your team members. Your finances look stable but you won’t be able to save much as money would flow out as fast as it flows in. Singles need to find more time to socialize and also make an effort to meet new people instead of waiting for someone to knock at your door. Overall, this is a very positive week that brings in joy, happiness and peace. 


Card: Page of Pentacles

The week ahead is a pleasant one for the Taureans. Inner child issues get peacefully resolved and enable you to have a better relationship with yourself. If you are single or have recently met someone, take your time before getting into a commitment. For now, keep it friendly and light hearted and have fun. At work, your positivity and enthusiasm bring more life and cheer to the office. You may learn something new this week and also build on your skillset. Your finances look great as long as you don’t get into anything risky. 


Card: 6 of Pentacles

The week ahead is a very pleasant one. You would feel the benevolence of the Universe through the many helpful and kind people you come across this week. This is the right time to ask for guidance or approvals as you would receive a positive response. Any loans or financial assistance required would also come through. If there are any challenges with relationships then seek the intervention of a third person or even a counsellor. Your finances look healthy this week and things on the work front would be stable too. 


Card: Ace of Swords

The phase of changes comes to an end and it leads to a new and promising beginning in your life. This is the time to take stock of your life and start afresh. The wisdom that you gained from the challenging lessons from your past come handy in this new phase and you make it a point not to repeat any of your past mistakes again. If you have been experiencing creative blocks recently, an amazing breakthrough would change everything. At work, new opportunities of growth and learning would show up. If an existing medication or therapy isn’t working, it may be time to change your therapy, doctor or therapist. 


Card: 9 of Wands

The week ahead may bring in delays in your work. Last moment snags may bring down your tempo and disrupt the momentum. Keep a check list handy to prevent these challenges. If you are in the middle of a dispute, it may take a complicated turn. Irrespective of how challenging your situation looks, it isn’t all that bad. You are very close to success and you need to give it one last push. All the efforts would be worthwhile. Things on the relationship front may be a bit turbulent due to minor issues. 


Card: King of Cups

During the week ahead you may participate in events that involve different forms of art or music. You pay more attention to yourself and do whatever it takes to nurture yourself in every way possible. Those in a relationship may have a romantic date, vacation or outing together. You also witness a very loving and caring side of your partner. Those working in creative fields would experience a spurt of new ideas that could potentially lead to some of your best work. Too much of celebration and fun may result in you going overboard with your expenses. 


Card: The Devil

The Librans may find this a challenging week. You may be tested and perhaps pushed against the wall. People or circumstances may try to make you feel that you aren’t good enough or worthy enough. You may also have a self-sabotaging tendency. It is very important that during such times you stay away from anything and anyone that brings in a feeling of negativity. If there is a job or a relationship that is bringing out the worst within you instead of making you a better person then it best to let it go. The limitations are in your mind, not in your external reality. All you need to do is make the higher choice for yourself. 


Card: 7 of Swords

During the week ahead it is best not to plan anything important, be it in your person or professional life. Watch out for politics at work and maintain a low profile without getting into any controversies or issues. If you are in an uncomfortable situation, do not make any commitments, direct statements or take any sides. Being vague or diplomatic would help. You may experience stagnation or delays in your tasks or assignments. The week ahead is best for introspection and activities that involve establishing a deeper connection with yourself. 


Card: The Fool

The Sagittarians can look forward to an exciting and adventurous week. New experiences bring in a lot of joy and bring in the sense of feeling alive and blessed. You may also start a new chapter in the form of a new job, business or even a way of life. This is the time to take the leap of faith and jump into the unknown, knowing that you are protected and guided at all times. New friendships and relationships should be enjoyed in the present moment without thinking too much about the future. Bring out the child in you and stop being so serious!


Card: 2 of Pentacles

The week ahead brings in a positive change in your finances, especially if things have been rough off late. If you have recently lost any money, it would find some other way of coming back into your life. You may make some important decisions regarding your finances or your assets. It would be struggle to maintain a balance this week. You may have to multitask between a lot of things. Your personal life may be compromised due to a hectic work schedule. Irrespective of how erratic this week is, it would bring in many gifts so be open to receiving them. 


Card: The Magician

Your prayers get answered this week and something you had hoped to manifest materializes all of a sudden. This is a good time to ask for a raise or a promotion. If you feel confident about your work or talent then don’t hesitate to come out in the open and display what you are capable of. Things at work begin to improve and the right opportunities come your way. Existing relationships become deeper and sweeter. If you are single and looking, you must step out and mingle as love will not come knocking at your door. Finances look stable this week and you may get an opportunity to make some extra income. 


Card: Judgment 

The Pisceans receive a lot of clarity about the important matters of their lives. You may also figure out your life purpose and everything would then start making sense. If you are going through a turbulent relationship or a challenging time in your career, you may take a stand and come to a final decision and conclusion about the same. The week ahead brings in good news for those going through legal issues or court cases. Do not go against the law or get into anything illegal as the consequences would be dire. You may soon meet someone with whom you would feel an instant and karmic connection.