Tarot Horoscope for 10th to 16th December 2018



Card: 6 of Cups

The Ariens may feel a stronger connection with their home or their roots this week. Memories of the past bring in happiness and nostalgia. An encounter with an old friend or relative is a possibility. You feel very comfortable with whatever you are doing and prefer to maintain that stability for a while. Relationships bring in happiness and peace. Singles may be tempted to connect with an old lover. At work, the environment seems very positive and pleasant. You may also step out with your colleagues for a drink or a get together this week. If you are seeking help with a job or a project, try to reach out to people you have worked with or been associated with in the past. 


Card: 6 of Wands

The week ahead is a wonderful one for the Taureans. Any obstacles in your path would get cleared. You achieve success at work and are able to achieve all your targets well within the deadlines. A promotion at work is also a possibility. If you are looking for a job or a business opportunity you would get it with ease. Those in a relationship would feel closer than ever to their partners. If you are single you would attract someone wonderful very soon. Your financial situation seems very positive and is likely to increase in the times to come. Your overall mood and spirits would be high and you would be in a very positive frame of mind. Make the most of the wonderful energies in the week ahead!


Card: 7 of Wands

The week ahead brings in challenges at work especially with your colleagues and coworkers. You may face a lot of competition this week and may have to work extra hard or do something different to stand out from the crowd. You are advised to take a firm stand and fight for what you deserve. You may need to watch your back and be extra careful this week. Finances look stable this week. If you are interested in someone, you may be disappointed as that person may have others also interested in him or her. With respect to your health, trust your instincts and listen to your body. Unnecessary worry is contributing to your health issues and is doing you no good. 


Card: 7 of Cups

The Cancerians may need to make some important decisions or choices this week, especially pertaining to matters of the heart. If you have recently met someone, that person may not be the right one for you. You would have to wait a bit longer to meet your soulmate. It is time to evaluate your dreams and goals and do a reality check to see how much of it is actually feasible. Sometimes, when there are too many choices it can lead to confusion and hamper your ability to make sensible decisions. Do not get into the trap of ‘what if.’ At work, there may be some confusions or chaos but nothing that can’t be handled. If you aren’t very happy with your relationships, be it personal or professional, there is a possibility that your expectations are too high or unrealistic. 


Card: Judgment

The Leos would be on a crossroads where an important decision would need to be made. This decision would open up new paths and create a lot of change in your life. You may be moved by a higher purpose or calling. Deep realizations may dawn upon you and you may have greater clarity about your life purpose and mission. The mundane day to day things of life may not appeal to you anymore and you would seek happiness in doing something beyond your current area of concern. The week ahead brings in a transformation in your inner self. Your relationships may go through a shift and you would realize who your true friends and well-wishers are. This is the time to create a life worth living and grab every opportunity you get to make a difference. 


Card: 10 of Pentacles

The week ahead is a wonderful one for the Virgos! You feel secure about your life and the way it is heading. Celebrations with family and loved ones are indicated in the week ahead! Your relationships gain strength and stability. Singles may come across someone through work or work related travel. Don’t go looking for a relationship, it will find you soon enough. Finances look great this week! Funds that have been block or stuck would get released. Debts may get cleared and you may also receive some unexpected income from unusual sources. This is a good time to make investments and take financial risks as Lady Luck is on your side! Some of you may decide to purchase or rent a new home or get involved in its renovation or redecoration. 


Card: Temperance

Balance is the keyword this week for the Librans. Success comes in by bringing together opposite forces or people. You may also have to bring in harmony or become the peacemaker in an argument or conflict. This is the time to think out of the box and also break the rules. Going by traditional or orthodox systems won’t be of any help. If you are stuck in a dead end, you must keep asking yourself what else is possible and seek a unique solution. You would need to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life, both of which would be demanding your time and attention. Do chalk out some time for your loved ones and indulge in something different to enhance and strengthen the bond. 


Card: Death

There would be a transformation in the way you look at life and also in your thinking. The old must be replaced with the new and it is advisable that you go with the flow instead of resisting or reacting to change. Change is inevitable and is also essential for your growth and evolution. If you are forcibly working in a job or being a relationship you don’t want to, it may come to an end this week. Sometimes, when we don’t have the courage to put an end to our miseries, the Universe takes it upon itself to do it for you. The experience may be unpleasant but the rewards that it would bring are priceless. Keep a watch on your finances this week as there are chances of minor losses or expenses. 


Card: 2 of Cups

Successful partnerships are indicated in the week ahead. You would feel more in sync with others and would be able to maintain harmonious relationships both in your personal and professional life. Your social life would be quite happening this week and there may be parties, get-togethers and celebrations. If things at work aren’t that satisfying, it is all about to change for the better. Your health seems to be on the up side this week and you would be able to maintain a balance in your lifestyle. If you are romantically interested in someone, this is the right time to make your move! Finances look stable but you need to keep a watch on your expenses. 


Card: Page of Cups

The week ahead brings in some much awaited news for the Capricorns! Stop taking yourself and your life so seriously. Set some time aside to have fun and nurture the child within you. If you are unhappy with your job you need to understand that you have the choice to turn things around. Singles are in luck this week as you may meet someone who may sweep you off your feet. Your financial situation improves this week. Those into creative fields receive a burst of inspiration and end up doing some pretty amazing work. You may receive guidance or messages through your intuition or dreams. If your gut feeling says that something is right then do it no matter how absurd it may sound. 


Card: Knight of Swords

You may have a hectic and action packed week ahead! You may feel very restless and unsettled and may choose to seek things yourself and take charge of everything in your hands. Your hard work and efforts begin to pay back financially and you reap the fruits of your labour. You would be in a complete go getter mode this week and would jump in head-on and stop at nothing until you achieve your goals and objectives. You would be very driven, extra motivated and enthusiastic and may come across as dynamic to those around you. Those looking for love may find it in the least expected places. Existing relationships look more upbeat and there is greater teamwork between you and your loved ones.


Card: King of Swords 

The Pisceans must maintain a practical and unbiased approach this week. Make your decisions only when you have all facts and information with you. You may have legal concerns or some issues with paperwork. Those with pending and ongoing court cases would have the judgment passed in their favour. Double check your papers before signing them. If you are stuck in a situation which is beyond your skill set or capacity then seek professional help or guidance. Do not attempt to do everything on your own if you aren’t well informed about it. You must be very clear with your communications this week to avoid any misunderstandings. If you are considering writing a book or a blog then please go ahead with it. This is the right time to do so!