Tarot Horoscope for 19th to 25th August 2019




Card: 8 of Wands

The week ahead brings in stability and progress, especially in your career. You have taken the right decisions and it is only a matter of time when you see the efforts paying off. If there have been any delays or if anything has been stuck, it would move ahead this week. Travel is on the cards and it brings in success. Your personal life looks very pleasant this week. Relationships get deeper and you may feel more connected with your partner. You feel at peace and receive a lot of happiness from the ordinary little things of life.


Card: 8 of Swords

You may feel a sense of panic or worry about a certain person or situation. You may feel caged or restricted but the truth is that the key to your freedom lies within you. Those stuck in an unsatisfying relationship need to seriously re-evaluate their relationship. Some of you may actually be stuck with someone who is not good for your life. Those looking for love need to first learn to love themselves and only then will you attract the right person in your life. You already have the answers to all your questions within you. All you need to do is meditate and spend some quiet time with yourself to bring those answers to the surface. Look for answers from the signs the Universe is giving to you. 


Card: 6 of Wands

Good fortune continues to shine on you this week as well. Something you have been working on would get accomplished this week. Your phase of professional struggles is over and your life turns a new leaf. A successful endeavor may receive public recognition through an award, appreciation letter or through an article. The week ahead brings in an energy of balance and stability. Relationship issues, if any, get resolved. Some good news is on the way. If there is a project or job you have been eyeing, it would fall into your lap. 


Card: Page of Cups

The week ahead brings in a lot of joy and positivity. You receive some good news about a friend or a loved one. You may discover a certain talent or quality about yourself which wasn’t known to you earlier. This is a good time to learn something or study a subject. If you have recently met someone, don’t be in a rush to commit to that person. You would come across better choices in the future. Existing relationships move to a better phase. If you are seeking help, it shall come to you provided you ask for it. 


Card: Judgment

Any existing confusions and dilemmas get resolved as you gain clarity about your current situation and choices. There would be a positive breakthrough in legal matters and court cases. If you have recently met someone or just started dating, then take things slow. The challenges you facing at this point of time are karmic so please be patient and look at things from a detached perspective. If you are going through any illnesses then practicing forgiveness would bring in a considerable improvement in your condition. Your work and financial situation looks stable this week. 


Card: 9 of Swords 

You may find the week ahead to be a stressful one. Your sleep patterns seem disturbed this week so try to get a good shut eye whenever possible. Certain people or situations may bring in worry and anxiety. You may also be a lot more sensitive to negativity hence there is a chance of things getting blown out of proportion in your mind. You may have a tendency to imagine the worst possible outcome of even the most ordinary instances. There is a chance of you going on an unnecessary guilt trip too. There may be certain conflicts or misunderstandings with loved ones so do verify the facts before jumping to any conclusions.


Card: The Star 

The Star brings in a positive change in your life, especially if things have been rough for you in the recent past. Your goals would seem clearer and the obstacles along your path would be out of your way. Relationship issues would get resolved and would bring in a lot of peace and joy. This is the right time to make your dreams a reality as you would come across the right people and the right resources to bring them to fruition. Travel would bring in success. You are blessed and protected. Overall, a wonderful week lies ahead with much to look forward to. 


Card: 9 of Cups

Something that you had wished for comes true this week. Now is the right time to do all the important things that you have been wanting to do. Lady luck is on your side so do make the most of it. Your personal relationships look great and would bring in much happiness and joy. Singles may come across their soulmate really soon. Those in a relationship may take it a step ahead. Any misunderstandings or conflicts get cleared with ease. There may be some kind of celebrations this week. At work, things look very promising and positive. Any pending approvals come through. Your financial situation looks stable but be careful of the temptation to overspend while celebrating or having fun. Overall, this is a very positive week with much to look forward to!


Card: The Moon 

You may be very emotional this week and may also have mood swings which could frustrate the people around you. Do not rely on others for any help, work or support as it may not go the way you had intended. It is better to take things in your hands, especially if it is something important. Pay attention to your dreams and to the signs that the Universe is giving you. You may receive some important answers or guidance that could change a lot of things for you. Your intuitive faculty would be at its peak this week. Do make the most of it. 


Card: Strength

The week ahead brings in challenges that would test your strength and resilience. Instead of using force or aggression try to be more assertive instead. Those having health issues would have an excellent recovery this week. Singles may attract someone with whom you feel a strong chemistry. Existing relationships become stronger and sparks may fly between you two again. Your work environment seems stable this week. Do not hesitate while asking for what you deserve. Stand up for your rights and you would be surprised at how much it would bring in for you. Your financial situation looks positive this week. 


Card: 3 of Swords

The week ahead brings in challenges with respect to emotions and inner wellbeing. This is a good time to express the emotions that you have kept within yourself for a while. Do not fear spoiling your relations or losing someone. If the relationship has a strong foundation then the other person will definitely come around even though he or she may choose to be distant for a while. Anxiety and stress may take a toll on you and your health this week. Be careful about whom you place your trust on this week especially at work as you may be backstabbed or let down. 


Card: 4 of Swords

You need to take a step back from your normal routine life this week. You have probably been moving too fast and perhaps without any direction or aim. Slow down and take stock of where you are heading. Meditation would be a great idea to bring in some clarity. A short vacation all by yourself or with someone who could give you some space would be ideal to help you reconnect with yourself. Your relationships seem smooth during the week ahead. Do ensure that you have maintained your boundaries and don’t allow anyone to push you or cross the line. There may be temporary delays at work this week so don’t let it bother you.