Tarot Horoscope for 22nd to 28th October 2018



Card: The Lovers

The week ahead opens up multiple doors of opportunities. If you are looking for a new source of income or a new business opportunity, you may be spoiled for choices. For singles, this is an excellent week as you may meet someone who could be a potential life partner. If you are already married or in a relationship, you may either get closer to your partner or call things off, especially if the relationship has been going through a rough patch. Your health seems great this week. If you are undergoing a treatment or a medication, seek a second opinion instead of blindly believing whatever you have been told. 


Card: The Empress

The week ahead brings in the blessings of abundance and prosperity. This is a good time to invest your money, especially in long term schemes. At work, you would be very productive and would get a lot done in a short time. In existing relationships, you would be well looked after and would be on the receiving end of love, attention and security. If you are single, you would attract the right person as you seem to be on the right frequency this time. Your financial situation looks great this week! 


Card: Justice

The week ahead brings in the fruits of your past deeds. If you have sowed the right seeds then it time to rejoice but if it is the other way round then you need to be careful. 

If you are looking for a partner, you must tear up your ‘list of desired qualities’ and be more open and allow the Universe to choose the right person for you. Those having legal cases would receive a fair judgment and trial. You must maintain the right work life balance this week. Giving too much time to either would throw things off balance and create chaos. It is important that you practice moderation and balance in your lifestyle. 

Financially, you would receive whatever is due to you. Any money that was owed to you would be returned. 


Card: 9 of Swords

You may have an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear this week. Something seems to be bothering you a lot and you seem to be overthinking about it. Try to look deeper into your issues and evaluate where exactly the problem is. Some of you may have disturbed sleep or even nightmares this week. Don’t indulge in excessive self-criticism or self-loathing. Trust your gut feeling if something feels wrong in your relationships. Have an open conversation with your loved one so that you gain clarity and not go berserk by thinking or assuming too much. If you have recently met someone, don’t get too carried away by what you are shown or promised. Take your time to build your confidence in this person. Meditation would immensely help bring down the noise and chatter in your mind.


Card: The World

The week ahead brings in the successful completion of a major task. Your life achieves a balance as you see almost all aspects of your life getting stable. At work you are exactly where you wanted to be. You may be nominated or sent abroad for a project or assignment. You have a sudden realization that what you were looking for in your relationships you already have it, just that you never realized it all along. You also realize that whatever you want can be manifested by the power within you. Your thoughts radiate outwards and create your reality. You achieve a breakthrough in your finances and whatever funds have been stuck get released. You also receive money suddenly from unexpected sources. 


Card: Knight of Cups

The Virgos find themselves in much better emotional state this week as compared to the past few days. Travel, especially with your loved ones, is a possibility this week. Some good news may arrive this week. You may set some time aside to nurture yourself and do all the things that you love. You would be surprised to witness how filling yourself with love actually helps you attract the right people both in your personal and professional space. Do ensure that you are well dressed all the time, especially if you are going for an important meeting or a date as you would be judged for your appearance. A good first impression will give you a solid jump start and advantage. 


Card: Knight of Wands

The week ahead brings in opportunities for the Librans. Travel is on the cards and it brings in success. You may also be sent to travel for some assignment or project. You receive some good news with respect to your career. If you have been waiting for the results of an interview or exam, the results are likely to be better than expected. You find yourself at the right place at the right time doing the right thing. There is a possibility that you may decide to relocate your place of work or residence this week. Your finances seem to be stable and the money flow seems to be consistent. 


Card: The Emperor 

The week ahead looks very promising for your career. You receive the support and approval of seniors and figures of authority. You may also move up the ladder in your career very soon either in the form of promotion or a new job with a higher position. During the week ahead you need to focus on maintaining order in your routine and work on being more disciplined and punctual. Things on the personal front look great even though you may be a bit bossy or demanding. All other aspects like finances and health seem positive. Overall, this is a great week with much to look forward to.  


Card: 9 of Cups

The week ahead is a very auspicious one. Something that you had wished for comes true this week! If you have just given an interview chances are that you might just crack it and get the job. Assignments and projects move ahead in a smooth manner and you achieve your goals and targets with ease. Singles are advised to step out, meet new people and have fun but don’t get too focused on commitment right away. Your health looks great this week and it is so possibly because there is peace of mind. Your finances look good and some of you may achieve your financial goals and targets with respect to your savings or income. Overall a great week ahead with a lot of happiness and positivity around you. 


Card: Ace of Cups

The week ahead brings in new possibilities and opens new doors for you. Emotionally, this is a wonderful time and you feel immensely grateful for all your loved ones and your relationships. Love is in the air, so if you are single, this is the time to step out and meet new people. You might just come across someone with whom you may feel an instant connection. If you are looking for a job you would come across something very satisfying and fulfilling. At work, things look very pleasant and you may also make some new connections or friends. Listen to your heart. It will guide you to do the right thing.


Card: King of Wands

The week ahead is an excellent one! Your career would take a very positive turn and you would bag the job, contract or business deal you had your eyes on. In an attempt to get to a level of perfection, you may come across to your colleagues or subordinates as aggressive or pushy so please pay attention to your people handling skills this week. Your seniors and bosses extended a lot of support this week so do make the most of it. If you are single, do set some time aside to socialize or else you may not be able to find a suitable partner. Your current source of income is not there only place from where you can generate more money. There are other sources too which you haven’t considered yet. 


Card: 8 of Pentacles 

You would be putting in a lot of hard work and sincere efforts in your work this week. Your efforts are about to bear fruit so please hang in there even if you can’t see the rewards immediately. During the week ahead you may take up a short course or a workshop to upgrade your skillset. Your loved ones and family may find you a bit distant since you are unable to give them time and attention due to your busy schedule. Those who are single need take it easy in your career and make some room in your life for a new person and relationship if you want to get committed soon. The week ahead brings in the financial assistance you have been waiting for.