Tarot Horoscope for 13th to 19th August 2018



Card: 5 of Swords

The week ahead brings in challenges with other people. You may get involved in an unnecessary conflict which would result in you falling in trouble. As much as possible, stay away from other people’s matters. There may be friction between you and your loved ones. In an attempt to prove yourself right you may cause unnecessary damage in your relationship. Choose peace over being right for the time being. At work, there may be minor delays hence avoid any loose ends. There might also be some drama and negativity in your office this week


Card: The Moon

During the week ahead you may have bouts of mood swings. Your thought process may not be as clear as it usually is. During such time it is best to either lie low or trust your intuition. If you are looking for answers you may not find them directly. Focus on your dreams or on the subtle signs that the Universe gives you. At work, there may confusion or misunderstandings. Do ensure that everything is in black and white and nothing is left to assumptions. Do not take any important financial decisions this week. 


Card: King of Wands

The week ahead brings in victory and success for the Geminis! Your efforts and sacrifices pay off and you get the prize that you have been working towards, be it a job, assignment, raise or a contract. Your bosses and seniors may be a bit pushy and aggressive but the intention is to bring out the best in you so don’t take it negatively. While everything in your career looks great, on the personal front your family and loved ones may feel neglected due to your busy work schedule so do make it a point to express your love and spend quality time whenever possible. 


Card: 9 of Pentacles

The week ahead brings in stability. You feel secure and comfortable with your life and also your financial situation. Things have begun to come together in a smooth and beautiful manner thereby giving you a sense of peace and contentment. You no longer feel like participating in the rat race; instead, you enjoy the feeling of stability and security and may also consider taking a little break from everything. You may choose to redecorate or renovate your house this week. Those looking for employment opportunities would come across some really good offers which would pay very well. 


Card: King of Cups

You may receive deep wisdom and clarity from someone with a lot of maturity. You may get involved in activities connected with art, music or anything creative. You would be able to spend some good quality time with your partner, friends or family. At work, you receive the support of your seniors and bosses. A man may play an important role in your life this week. You would be pretty stable and happy emotionally and would also pass on this positivity to those who come in contact with you. You may be looked upon by others for guidance and advice, especially in matters of the heart. Relationships look very happy and bring in a sense of peace and fulfillment.


Card: The Hierophant

The week ahead brings in a new spiritual perspective and also some valuable lessons about life. These insights may come through a mentor, a book, a workshop or from someone with a lot of experience and wisdom. At work, this is the time to follow the rules and not go against the system or law. Stick to tried and tested strategies for success. You may participate in or witness traditional rituals and ceremonies. Your relationships would be pleasant as long as there mutual respect. Do not take any major risks with your finances and investments and stick to safer options for now. If you are facing health issues, try supplementing your existing medicines with grandma’s home remedies. 


Card: The Wheel of Fortune

The week ahead brings in a shift in your life. Your luck is about to change. A cycle of life ends and a new one begins. If things have been going tough then there is great news as things are going to get easier now. Let go of the control you have been exercising on your life and on your relationships. True wisdom comes when we stop reacting to life and instead start flowing with it. You would be reaping the rewards of your hard work and sacrifices very soon. If you have been unhappy with a job or a relationship there is a high possibility of you putting an end to it and seeking something new and more rewarding. Trust the Universe and its ways.


Card: 6 of Wands

The week ahead is a wonderful one. Any obstacles in your path would get cleared. You achieve success at work and are able to achieve all your targets well within the deadlines. You may also receive a promotion or a formal appreciation from your workplace. If you are looking for a job or a business opportunity you would get it with ease. Those in a relationship would feel closer than ever to their partners. If you are single you would attract someone wonderful very soon. Your financial situation seems very positive and is likely to increase in the times to come. Your overall mood and spirits would be high and you would be in a very positive frame of mind. Make the most of the wonderful energies in the week ahead!


Card: 7 of Pentacles 

The week ahead brings in abundance and prosperity. If you have been working hard for a project or a goal, it would pay off beautifully. Investments made in the past would give good returns. You may not be satisfied with the way things are moving ahead but be rest assured that you would achieve the end result. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t fuss too much about the journey towards it. Some of you may bring in a change in your lifestyle and introduce a new exercise routine or diet in your daily routine. If you are facing challenges in your relationship, you need to assess the quality of communication with your partner. 


Card: 8 of Cups 

You realize that some things aren’t worth it and decide to move on and let go. It could be a job which has no scope for growth, an unfulfilling career or a relationship that has long reached a dead end. Keep your expectations low from people as you may feel disappointed. Some pains of the past may be preventing you from turning a new leaf or getting in a new relationship. You may be very hard on yourself and could be subjecting yourself to a lot of self-criticism. Do not give any interviews or seek any approvals this week as the outcome may not be that favourable. 


Card: The Chariot 

The week ahead is a time for action! This is the time to implement and execute your ideas and give them shape and direction. You would be very energetic and motivated this week so do make the most of it. However, the excess energy may also lead to confusion so do stay focused so that the drive is channelized in the right way. Some of you may start a new exercise program or hit the gym. If you have recently got into a relationship, it may start moving really fast. Your finances look stable but would need to be regulated. 


Card: 5 of Wands

You may face tough competition at work and may also be challenged by your rivals this week. You may feel drained out handling external challenges and as a result be unable to give time to yourself and your loved ones. Those who are single need to work harder to win the affection of the person you are interested is as he or she may be actually interested in someone else or may have many others vying for their attention. Bills may be overdue and you may face a financial crunch this week. Prioritize your expenses and spend only on whatever is absolutely necessary.