Tarot Horoscope for 21st to 27th May 2018



Card: 6 of Swords

The week ahead brings a balance in your pace. If life has been too fast, it would slow down and if things have been slow, it would start moving forward. If you have been going through mental or emotional turmoil in the past few days, you would feel a lot calmer and collected this week. This is a good time to accomplish the tasks that require focus and concentration as you won’t feel as distracted as you usually do. Relationships look smooth but it could help with some adventure or travel. Your health improves this week and you feel a lot better, especially if you have been unwell. 


Card: The Hermit 

The Taureans would go through an important spiritual experience or understanding that would help them understand their higher purpose. You may also have an encounter with a spiritual guru or teacher. During the week ahead you may want to be low profile and cut down on the socializing in order to have more time to yourself in solitude. If anything in your life is ambiguous, you may gain more clarity about it and also come to a certain conclusion about the same. Health wise, you need to give your body more rest, especially if you have been recently unwell or are recuperating from an illness. 


Card: Queen of Swords

During the week ahead you would be very focused and aligned with your goals and plans. Unnecessary distractions or amusement would hold no space in your routine. If you are a leader or a manager, you need to go easy on your subordinates as your expectations from them might be unrealistic and you may end up disappointed. You would be looked upon as a role model so put your best foot forward. You may need to take come moral and ethical decisions or perhaps guide someone to do the same. Do not look for shortcuts as it would backfire. Stand by the right thing, even if it is difficult. 


Card: The Star

The week ahead is a very positive change from the last one! Relationship issues get resolved and you feel a lot more connected and happier with the way things are. This is a good time for important negotiations and deals as it would all be in your favour.  The week ahead brings in happy occasions and gives you many reasons to be grateful for. Existing challenges at work get sorted out and the environment becomes a lot more positive. Your health and finances improve for the better. 


Card: Death

The Leos may be driven to change the way they look at life or perhaps change something within their life that is not in alignment with their higher self. This is the time to be really flexible and drop all the judgments you have about your goals, people and your ideas of success. You may develop an interest in paranormal activities or spiritual activities and perhaps receive messages through dreams or random signs and coincidences. Some of you may take drastic steps in your career like quitting your job or perhaps changing your line of work. 


Card: The Empress

The week ahead brings in prosperity and abundance in the lives of the Virgos. Ongoing projects and assignments shape up pretty well and you are able to see their long term potential for success. This is a good time to start new projects and set new goals but you must be mindful of the fact that it would take time to materialize the way you want it to. Finances look excellent this week and you may also make some extra money, especially if you have a business or are self-employed. Relationships look fulfilling and harmonious. You would also be in the pink of your health J


Card: 10 of Swords

During the week ahead, the Librans may make a final decision about something that has been bothering them. The process of coming to the closure may be difficult but it is essential to create a wholesome future. You may also permanently close certain doors, be it on the personal or professional front. The near future may seem dark and uncertain but be assured that it is brighter than you think and the Universe would provide for exactly what you need; not necessarily what you want. On the health front, do take care of your body and cut down on unhealthy habits. 


Card: King of Swords

The Scorpions have a great week at work, especially those who are into law, research, analysis or intellectually stimulating careers. You may have to make some important decisions pertaining to your work and you must ensure that these decisions are taken from a logical and rational perspective instead of considering your feelings or emotions. Team leaders, entrepreneurs and managers would be able to handle their subordinates with ease and everything would function systematically. It may, however, get dull and boring. Relationships may lack the fun element as well but overall things would be harmonious with your loved ones.   


Card: Queen of Cups

The week ahead yet again brings in peace and harmony. This time, however, the peace comes from a contented state of mind as you work towards loving and nurturing yourself. You may treat yourself to a spa visit or join a physical activity that helps you rejuvenate and reconnect with your body. Your health looks great and you feel stronger both physically and emotionally.  On the professional front, you may be distracted and lack focus. You may also be a bit careless with your finances. This, however, is a temporary phase as you may want to focus on yourself and give everything else a break. 


Card: 6 of Cups

The week ahead is a pleasant one and involves catching up with old friends and loved ones. On the personal front, everything looks smooth. You may however be a bit clingy and may give and expect more affection and love than usual. At work, the week ahead seems good and the work environment is also healthy. You may reconnect with previous colleagues and bosses who would be instrumental in future gains and prospects. You may need to make some necessary payments and purchases this week which may leave a hole in your pocket.  Old health issues may resurface. 


Card: Page of Pentacles

The week ahead brings in financial gains that may seem small but would definitely be more than welcome. You may undergo some kind of training or learning this week. You may also consider joining a course or pursuing higher education. At work, you would be very motivated and your positivity would inspire others to do their best. On the personal front, your relationships improve considerably and bring in a lot of joy. Those wanting to conceive would hear the good news very soon. Your health looks good and you may heal or reconnect with your inner child.


Card: Ace of Cups

New beginnings are on the cards for the Pisceans as you commence a project or a long term goal that is very close to your heart. This is the time to pursue your dreams and chase the opportunities that you thought were impossible. Follow your heart and trust your instincts to take you to the right place and the right people. Your relationship would go through some dynamic and really wonderful changes. You may even discover a new side of your partner. Those who are single would attract the right person very soon. A state of self-love and peace bring about wonders in your health.